Learn to Live

Being an adult so far has been extremely challenging for me and I’m only 24. Since I was a kid I’ve gone through many obstacles to be where I am today. Everybody has their own story to tell and I am always amazed to see what has led people to be the way they are today. Many have said I’m a bitch who doesn’t take shit from anyone. And they couldn’t be more correct. Now don’t get me wrong I have my soft spots for people and I will do any and everything to help people when I can. But along with that I’ve been hurt by so many people along the way so it is difficult to let new people in without being cautious. One thing that has always stuck with me for a really long time is you live and learn. You really have to go through things yourself to learn from your mistakes. I use to be so scared to try new things whether it was talking to people, moving away from family, or traveling.

As I have gotten older I’ve learned to be more open to new experiences and came to realize that I can’t be stuck in the same bubble my whole life. All this came from being hurt by people and being disappointed with how certain things didn’t quite go my way in my life. “Painful situations can lead to new beginnings,” and this is just another little inspirational quote that I like to reference back to when I’m feeling down sometimes. Even if the decisions you are making may not turn out the way you want them to you can still take something from every situation and turn it into something positive for the future. My parents divorced when I was young and it hurt me so much. I told myself that I would never fall in love with someone just to be hurt. Guess what I did fall in love with someone and I was able to share the good and bad with them, but turns out that person wasn’t made for me. Was I hurt by it not working out of course, but I know when the time is right god will let that one into my life again and I will love again. I didn’t expect to move to a new city and start again, but I have and I’m still enjoying the steps I took to further my growth. Everything I have done I appreciate it because it helped me grow. I don’t regret one thing in my life. We all wish we would’ve done things differently, but you should never regret anything because at that moment you felt it was the right choice for you.

If I have taken one thing from my past and other should too. You’re going to be disappointed by things that have happened or are going to happened. But make the best out of every situation and understand that god didn’t wake you up this morning to feel bad for yourself. Imagine all those people out there whose situation is worse than yours and they would love to trade places with you. Learn something from every situation and appreciate it.

Sincerely proud of the person she is becoming



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